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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to The following terms and conditions govern the use of the website and products we offer. By using this website, purchasing products, or contacting us, you agree to follow these Terms and Conditions.

Here at Budcity, we reserve the right to change or modify this Agreement, or discontinue any portion of its services, features and functionality at any time, without prior notice to you. Please visit the website for any such changes, which will be effective at the time changed. The user agrees that the Company will not be liable to users or any 3rd party for modifications or users’ ability to access the platform.

Use of the website/ platform:

As a user, you are not:

·        Allowed to resell the Cannabis products we offer on the website

·        Allowed to make any modification to the content posted by the Company or other users on our website, Facebook page or forums

·        Allowed to copy, reproduce or download any content without taking written permission of the company

·        Allowed to provide us with fake shipping information or act as other individual

·        Allowed to use violent, harsh, abusive language in your messages.

You agree not to convey, communicate or transmit anything that is illegal, libelous, harassment or in violation of the rights of others.

Purchasing Products:

In order to purchase the products, you must be at least 19 years old and must have a Canadian address. You are responsible for the shipping address you submit while placing the order. If you submit incorrect address, Budcity will not be liable for that.

You acknowledge and realize that we make absolutely no promises or healthcare claims whatsoever. You agree that it is your responsibility to get medical assistance and guidance and that you acknowledge to waive any kind of claim against us, regardless of whether in carelessness or otherwise, against our workers, proprietors, owners, vendors, and affiliates.

You acknowledge that you are buying the product under the supervision of a health professional. You additionally confirm that you have a health problem that detrimentally impacts your lifestyle and that you and your health professional assume that cannabis offers considerable relief of these symptoms including discomfort, thus enhancing your condition or quality of life.

You also confirm you have been advised by your medical expert of the possible advantages and side effects of using cannabis, and have well informed them of your use of additional components such as medicines and dietary supplements. You agree to accept this risk fully and completely.

Disclaimers and Liabilities:

Budcity, its employees or any other parties currently or previously involved in the design, production, creation, or delivery of the website, are not liable for any direct or in-direct damages, such as lost profits, opportunity costs or other effects resulting from the use of the website, related products, a linked website, the delay or in-ability to use the website or a third party website, regardless of whether Budcity is aware of such issues or the possibility of these kind of damages. The content, accuracy, opinions, and links displayed by other websites are not necessarily investigated, analyzed, checked, or endorsed by Budcity.

All the content, images, videos, logo and other information is sole property of Budcity and you are not allowed to resell it. You agree to indemnify Budcity harmless from any kind of liability, claim, loss or expense, which also includes attorney’s fees related to your violation of the agreement or the use of these services offered at the site.