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BudCity Frequently Asked Questions from vendors

Welcome to, Canada’s premier Cannabis marketplace! BudCity is a Cannabis Community & Marketplace offering a diverse selection of Cannabis Related Products. It's your one stop Bud Shop! We would love for you to be a part of our store by allowing us to sell your products for you. This service is free of commission or charge for vendors joining us in our pilot group! It is important to us to make this as easy as possible for you, allow us to take care of everything!


What If I already have a site?

Bud City will be complimentary to your site and your brand. We have SEO experts that analyze web metrics in order to target the proper Global audience. By joining forces with BudCity, you will be saving on Domain and Hosting costs as well as zero overhead for your Developers, Designers and Content Champions. Between all of our Social media accounts we have a reach of over 50,000 organic followers and counting:

  •        Instagram - 11K + 22K + 5K + 5K
  •        Facebook – Running regular Campaigns reaching 25K people at a time
  •        Twitter - 15K
  •        Pinterest - 10K targeted user reach per month
  •        LinkedIn - Slowly gaining connections

What will BudCity do for my brand?

Being part of a larger audience and community will help your brand in unimaginable ways. The more vendors that are part of the community, the more traffic it will generate. This will increase your Brand awareness and overall


What does BudCity have that other sites do not?

We like to think of BudCity as the Amazon of Weed. Sure, there are dozens of popup sites that offer some bud within limitations. But they’re not ready for the magnitude that this industry is about to perpetuate towards. Our Multi-Vendor Marketplace system allows for complete control of your products through a Customized Dashboard. Help our Brand build your Brand as we drive each other to success in an Online world.

What will our Custom Vendor Dashboard look like?

Each Vendor gets a Profile and Dashboard filled with Order details and Revenue statistics, Views, metrics and other important transactional information. Vendors can keep track of messages and ratings from the Community and manage their own product prices, images and details through a simple intuitive online interface.

How does the shipping work?

When a customer places an order in the BudCity Store, we pass this information to the vendor and you ship direct to the customer. The should be no change to your regular shipping process. For premium vendors, we will provide pick up and shipping automatically.

How do payments work?

Payments will initially be done through PayPal and Email Interac Transfer. Payment providers will be added as the site grows.  The order will be processed by BudCity and forwarded to you.

What do you need from us as a Vendor?

If you have a website, great! We can grab the Product information and import it into our Database. We will need products prices, images and a description if you have one. If you don't have a website, you can send us the products and images or we can provide a professional photographer.

How else can I contribute the BudCity Community?

We are currently seeking Creative writers to contribute to a personal blog within our online site. BudCity will need knowledgeable people in the industry and who have a passion for its products. Initially, we would be
asking for posts on relevant Cannabis news and the latest happenings around the industry. Things such as upcoming events, legislation progress and the benefits of Cannabis use. Or, if you have products you’d like to promote or educate people on, write about that and we’ll feature your articles.

What happens if I can’t handle the Sales?

This can be a good thing if we manage it together. BudCity keeps track of every sale and deducts the sold quantity from your stock count. If at any point, you run out of inventory, the product status can be changed to Out of Stock.  

Am I protected?

BudCity will be launching before legislation passes by the Liberal government. In order to be a legitimate operation, we will follow all guidelines and precautions to make each transaction legal and seamless. We will
protect your information and if you have privacy concerns, we will hide all Branding and Vendor information until you’re ready to share your beautiful business with the world.

Will there ever be fee implementations or service charges added in the future?

As part of the BudCity Pilot group, you will not be charged any listing fees or commission on the sales of your products.

Will email money transfer be legal?

Currently, it is difficult to find a Bank or Payment processing service that will deal with transactional data from Cannabis vendors. It is
still in the grey area so we are taking all precautions so that Money is no seized and tracked as being part of any illegal activities. We accept ETransfer as a safe way to process payments for now. We will expand upon our payment providers in the coming months once the Community grows and details are carefully worked on by our legal department.

What about lab testing for consistency and product analysis?

We are currently working with multiple Labs that are approved by Health Canada as Licensed Dealers. This means they are permitted to test Cannabis products for ACMPR patients and LPs. We will work with you, the vendor
to ensure the products are safe and tested for consistency so that our Brands align with Government standards. Please reach out to us for more details onthis process or if you need Bud tested done on your products.

Will there be an app?

The BudCity Marketplace is a fully responsive website compatible with any Internet enabled Device. There is an App being Developed that will be available in the Apple Store and Google play in 2018. It will be fully comprehensive and make the order process seamless for the user.