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Unlike other CBD isolates or synthetics, our TRU SpectrumTM  additive offers a full spectrum phytoca..
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Our base formulation of hemp extract (CBD) and “companion” ingredients are combined with L-theanine ..
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Using patented nanotechnology, our CBD tinctures are formulated with a CBD isolate and sustainably g..
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AMP’D UP™ Mixed Berry Energy Shot is formulated with Heneplex, our whole plant extraction, B vitamin..
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Dab it Crumble is a refined and concentrated (65%) full spectrum extraction from hemp oil (TRU Spect..
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10 Grams of 500mg CBD Crumble. HempMed high-concentrate CBD Crumble contains approximately 500mg p..
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Product Description We understand how important your pets are to you, we're pet people too. HemPetz ..
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Are you ready to invigorate your skin? Intended for use after our cleansing cream, discover the bene..
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Budcity's CBD/THC oil Cartridge has a Volume of 0.5ml and has a high quality Silica Fiberglass Coil...
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For dedicated and discerning dabbers, we present our most potent product: Flyte Dab. Available unfla..
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Premium strains from Glacial Gold Extracts. ..
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HempMeds extremely popular Pet Oil is now available in a 400 mg dosage for larger or more extreme ca..
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Other carts stall, Flyte carts soar. Welcome to the result of years spent exploring multiple forms..
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550mg of pure lab-tested CBD. All natural full-entourage effect. Great for moderate medical condi..
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